Plantar Fasciitis

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis In Portland, OR?

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. The condition can make walking and standing difficult and painful. Plantar fasciitis should be treated by a podiatrist.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the plantar fascia, which is the thick band of tissue running across your heel, becomes inflamed.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

There are several causes of plantar fasciitis, including:

  • Overpronating, or rolling your feet when you walk
  • Having flat feet, being older, or being overweight
  • Standing or walking on hard surfaces for extended periods
  • Running, jogging, or performing other activities with a high degree of foot stress

The Signs and Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most common symptoms you will notice is stabbing pain in the heel or arch of your foot. The pain can also travel along the side of your foot. This pain may:

  • Be worse in the morning when you first wake up
  • Increase when you stand from a seated position
  • Increase after exercising or being active

What You Can Try For Mild Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain

Home remedies may provide some relief from mild plantar fasciitis and heel pain. You can try:

  • Icing your heel several times each day
  • Stretching your arches every day
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication
  • Switching to more supportive, comfortable shoes and never going barefoot

Professional Treatments for Moderate To Severe Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Your podiatrist can help you achieve relief from moderate to severe plantar fasciitis pain. Common professional treatments for plantar fasciitis and heel pain include:

  • Physical therapy to maintain flexibility and mobility
  • Custom-fit orthotics to provide arch and foot support
  • Prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication
  • Cortisone injections around your heel

Other Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain can also be caused by stepping on hard, sharp objects, causing a heel bruise. Excess deposits of calcium can also cause a heel spur.

To learn more about the causes, signs, symptoms, and treatment of plantar fasciitis and heel pain, call Sellwood Podiatry. You can reach them in Portland, OR at (503) 235-8594, so call now. Consult your physician before taking any medications.

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